Friday, 11 March 2016

Four Things That Will Make You Happier On A Daily Basis

Ever wondered how some people can be so happy all the time? I did. During my early years of secondary school I was not a happy kid. I tried to be but I was quiet, nervous and just didn’t know how to have fun. When I looked around I saw people laughing and joking. But that wasn’t me. I could never be happy. I was ugly and even my grades were poor. Then the penny dropped, and I realised I could change. I had to, because no one else was responsible. My locus of control had shifted from external to internal in a matter of days and I became personally responsible for my own life. There was only one issue… now I was in charge I did not know how to manage my life effectively - and I believe most people still don’t.

Currently, my time is spent working on what I enjoy and doing things that bring me the most pleasure. I am happy, confident and grateful. Most days I go to bed feeling proud of what I have achieved, and wake up excited to get on with the activities that ensue. But how was I able to achieve such a grand transition? Well I have spent the last six years dissecting, researching and testing out what makes people happy and how we can feel this as fully and as regularly as we can, and slowly but steadily my life has become better and better.

What I have discovered is that there are four core sources of happiness that we can tap into daily, and I am willing to share these with you so that you – like me – can feel more content on a regular basis.

Restoration - Elevation - Contribution - Appreciation


One source of pleasure is restoration. We gain a satisfying feeling when we are restoring a particular aspect of our life; sleep restores our energy; baths relax us when we are stressed; tidying up helps us to clear our thoughts.  Restoring things back to their “factory setting” is a hugely pleasurable and necessary activity for people who wish to be happy on a daily basis.


The second way to experience pleasure is from elevation. Elevation involves any activity that makes us feel like we are improving either ourselves or our circumstance. Reading, thinking, running, weightlifting, a promotion, buying a better car – each rewards us with a sense of self-pride.


Contribution is the third component that brings us happiness. Helping friends and family as well as working hard at a job are all forms of contribution. Satisfying the needs of others through service can make us feel valued and gives us a sense of belonging. 


The final pleasure derives from appreciation. These are activities that we do in our leisure time that help us appreciate what we have. People experience this when they go out with their friends, take a walk, watch a film or focus on the positive aspects of themselves and others.

Finally, I have noticed that when we spend more time on restoration, we become more effective at elevation which increases our value. And the more valuable we become the greater the contribution we can provide. By serving others, you will earn money to spend on activities that give you a stronger appreciation of the world. It is a constant cycle. Work on these four sources of pleasure daily to maintain a well-balanced, happy lifestyle.

For tips on how to maximise these sources of happiness, watch out for the link to my website which will be posted on Thoughts Showcase June this year,


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