Friday, 18 March 2016

Playlists For Every Occasion: Spotify Edition

For me personally, I can't do much without music to guide me. If I have access to a Spotify app, chances are I'll waste at least ten minutes of my time finding an appropriate playlist. Sure, you could create your own personalised playlist but then how will you find new music to fall in love with?

I've put together a list of fifteen playlists on Spotify that will work in whatever situation or mood you find yourself in!

1. Born in 1997 by Maddie Dragsbaek 

I've been following Maddie on Spotify for around a year now and I can always rely on her to provide me with songs that match my music taste so as you can imagine, I was over the moon when I saw that she had a public playlist featuring throwback songs that every 90s kid will love. Now I'm not just talking Britney and the Spice Girls, this playlist is perfect for those of us who weren't so into the whole cliché pop scene growing up and instead opt for Jimmy Eat World, Weezer and Norah Jones to name a few but of course, the cliché pop songs definitely shouldn't be overlooked and you can still find plenty. 

2. Morning Commute by Spotify 

Bus journeys and car journeys can be tiring, I'm not sure that any of us particularly want to be heading out the door to work, school or college at the crack of dawn but when we're faced with no other choice, we can at least be safe in the knowledge that there are playlists out there to guide you through the oh-so-painful process. Spotify provides us with the perfect solution, with Zara Larsson and Kygo ensuring that you can cope with the day even if you don't get your morning coffee. 

3. Live To Run by Spotify 

Working out is tough; there's no denying it. Even for people who actually enjoy it and are motivated, you need something to focus on. Your hard work and commitment to being healthy deserves a motivational playlist! Allow Sigma, Elle King and Jungle to push you to your limits. 

4. The Stress Buster by Spotify

I use this playlist as a tool to tackle my stress as it happens, not just once it's already built up. I've listened to plenty of acoustic playlists and relaxing ones to try to help, but nothing compares to this. There is a perfect balance of upbeat songs and ones to soothe you, so next time you're about to sit down and battle against a huge load of work, put this on! 

5. Peaceful Piano by Spotify 

Another way to beat stress is to have a relaxing bubble bath. Now admittedly, I use this time to watch Netflix, as do most of us, but sometimes you need to just let the music take you away. A couple of years ago I never would've listened to instrumental pieces but now I can't stop, I even went as far as getting a tattoo inspired by a piece of music. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this playlist won't remind you of your Nan, but will instead open you up to a whole genre of music that you didn't know you'd ever appreciate. 

6. The Most Beautiful Songs In The World by Spotify

This is entirely different to the Peaceful Piano playlist, in fact I'd say it's more for those moments when you're deep in thought and you're feeling reflective. I'm not saying that it's all doom and gloom, these songs are indeed so beautiful that they're often quite overwhelming and can take your mind off things. Side note: Bon Iver appears on this playlist frequently so if you didn't love or know of Bon Iver before, you definitely will after listening to this. 

7. Life Sucks by Spotify 

This playlist isn't uplifting as such, but it's more a helping hand in reassuring you that you're not alone. Sometimes you just need to be hurt and have a good cry so rather than sit and suffer in silence, you can let this playlist speak for you. 

8. Self Medication by Maddie Dragsbaek

Maddie is back at it again, providing me with the ultimate playlist for when I just need to self-indulge and feel good about myself. I either put this on when I'm suffering a lack of faith in myself, or when I'm getting ready and need music to remind me to love myself. Yes, that's right, this is a playlist that will delay you in getting ready because you keep losing yourself in the music. 

9. March On by Meghan Rose 

We all go through periods of feeling like we'll never get over something, or we're stuck in a rut of feeling lost and unable to let our creativity flow. I find that this playlist reminds me of Spring, maybe because that's the season for new beginnings and you're finally in that final stretch before Summer. 

10. Evening Commute by Spotify 

This is the opposite version of the Morning Commute playlist, and is ideal for when you're going home and you're super close to being able to fully relax. There are a few of the same artists, but just as you need to be relaxed at the start of your journey, you need to be relaxed at the end too. 

11. Evening Acoustic by Spotify 

This playlist is my key to falling asleep quickly. I previously switched between this and one on 8tracks but since the 8tracks app is no longer available outside of North America and Canada, this is now my sole friend. Bon Iver, The Staves and James Vincent McMorrow are the artists I rely on to drift me off to sleep. 

12. Songs to Sing in the Car by Spotify 

If you want cheesy pop music then look no further. Of course Uptown Funk is on here, that was almost inevitable, but you also have some Maroon 5 and Sara Bareilles to lift the spirits of everyone in the car. Spotify has provided you with the perfect tool to embarrass yourself to your heart's content. 

13. Move On & Don't Look Back by Spotify 

Done hating the world? Want to get on with your life? This playlist is the necessary next step. Sure, some will make you cry but mostly you'll be left wondering why you were upset in the first place. 

14. Happy Place by chasingemilie

Yes, this is mine, and yes, it includes a lot of country and folk music. No, I have no shame in admitting I like those genres. I've always wanted to live in a small southern town in the US and that's ultimately my end goal so when I feel like the future is really overwhelming and stress is taking over, I like to listen to this playlist I put together which reminds me that I have so much to strive for and so much to look forward to. Rest assured, it's not all country and folk, and even the songs that are aren't cliché. 


15. March 16 by chasingemilie

This is called 'March 16' but honestly I love it so much that I'm going to carry it over into April. It consists of all of my favourite songs at the moment, with a wide range of genres and I guess I'm just sharing it with you in the hope that you find some new music that you love just as much as I do.  

I hope that at least one of these playlists inspires you, keep an eye out for an 8tracks edition coming soon! 

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