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To be perfectly honest, I can't remember the first NEEDTOBREATHE masterpiece I heard, but what I do remember is listening to 'The Heart' and knowing that there was no turning back. I am more than willing to admit that I have fallen head over heels for them.

I only discovered a few days ago that they're a Christian rock band but if you're not religious then don't let that fact deter you. Trust me when I tell you that you won't notice, unless you want to of course.

They have managed to bridge the gap between mainstream and Christian music and when you combine this with the fact that their songs vary in style, subject and tempo, you're left with at least one album to fall in love with.

The word 'mainstream' can sound terrifying to those of us who aren't so into what the majority listen to, but their music remains honest and open and true to who they are and where they come from so honestly, that label is pretty irrelevant.

I do feel the need (ha) to give them credit for sticking to a theme of faith and God. Yes, I know I said you won't notice, and I stand by that statement, but it's something to admire. Religion is evidently a huge part of their lives, and you have to respect them for not dancing around the subject yet still attracting so many people who don't follow a particular faith.

Writing this, I'm wondering why on Earth I didn't pay much attention to their music before this year, especially since they have five albums already. Yes, five, which means I (and you) have missed out on five whole albums worth of songs and I'm slightly mad about it.

I'm so thankful that NEEDTOBREATHE have hit the mainstream because I'm not sure that I, a girl from a tiny seaside town in England, would have ever had the chance to hear their music if they had remained a small band from South Carolina.

I could review a specific album, but that wouldn't be fair to the rest of their music so here's my personal top five songs to get you started:

 1. The Heart


Let me start off with my absolute favourite, and not just my favourite song by NEEDTOBREATHE but quite possibly my favourite song in general. In fact, I love it so much that I almost got some of the lyrics tattooed (I'm still planning on it at some point).

This song is the ultimate feel good track that can make you positive about anything. I was feeling a little lost when I discovered this on Spotify, in the sense that I know what I want out of life but at times feel that I'll never get to where I want to be, and then I heard the phrase "long live the heart, long live the soul, that knows what it wants" and since then have told myself that I will get there.

Yes, I know I sound cliché but honestly it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

This track has hints of folk and country, which is what I love the most about it. It's energetic and upbeat and is the perfect one to reel people in. Try to listen to it and not tap your foot or clap your hands or click or whatever, I'm 99.9% sure it's impossible to stop yourself.

 2. Keep Your Eyes Open

Another one that really speaks to my heart. In three weeks I turn nineteen and enter my final year before I'm truly classed as an adult, and that genuinely terrified me before recently. I'm expected to already have my life figured out and I have the big picture sussed, but not the minor details.

I have absolutely no idea what my life is going to be like in one year, two years, five years. None of us do, and it can hold us back. We remain in one place, scared to take any big steps in case they turn out to be the wrong ones and we never take risks.

My parents always say to me that they don't want me to have the life they've ended up with and I always thought "Well then what else am I supposed to do? What other life is there?" because the life they have, that I'm a part of, is the only one I know.

This song features a lyric that may seem generic, "if you never leave home, never let go, you'll never make it to the great unknown", but when you listen to the passion behind it and the rawness of the song, it'll make you feel things that no pop song ever could; it genuinely motivates you to keep pushing for what you want.

 3. Nothing Left To Lose


Do you have those songs that remind you of growing up? I can't explain it, but this one does that. It makes me think of long car journeys with my family, and almost feels like it has a bit of a Bryan Adams vibe at the start.

The band has stated that this one "is about sacrificing everything for what you believe in. It’s about complete and utter devotion" and personally, I think it will either make you want to drown in your tears or, once again, motivate you.

The way I perceive it is that we're alive and we always have a choice. You're never "stuck", you can always change something. Oh look, I'm being cliché again, but I really can't help it!

Quick tip, this song sounds even better when it's played very, very loudly. You're welcome.

 4. Brother


Yep, I love Gavin DeGraw, so you can imagine how happy I was to see that NEEDTOBREATHE had released a collaboration with him. This has popped up on the majority of the Spotify playlists I've listened to over the past few months, ultimately proving that it's as wonderful as I thought.

The band have made it known that they went through a tough time and state that they realised how much they needed each other, and what better way to document that journey than with a song about support and love for your closest friends?

This is hands down one of the most uplifting songs I've heard and it went straight on my shower playlist. It's anthemic, soulful and way too catchy for my own good, especially when the gospel background vocals hit!

I think what makes this song so special is knowing how much it means to the band and how significant it is in telling not just their story, but also the stories of so many of us. I don't have a brother, or any siblings in fact, but it really tugs at my heartstrings and makes me think of everyone I love.

 5. Happiness


Last on the list, and you'll see why at the end of this blog post, is 'Happiness'. I can barely put into words how this song makes me feel, but I'll give it my best shot.

Like I said above, I know where I want to be but not how to get there and this song is the perfect boost for when I feel like I'm reaching too high.

I mean, "I've got dreams that keep me up in the dead of night, telling me I wasn't made for the simple life". Could the lyrics be any more perfect for someone with their whole life ahead of them? No, not really.

And now, since I am being taunted by such a far away release date for their next album, I'm going to let NEEDTOBREATHE taunt you too!:

I am over the moon that we're being treated to yet more music, and if every song they've ever released so far and 'Happiness' (from the upcoming album) is anything to go by, 'H A R D L O V E' isn't going to disappoint.

For my birthday, I'll be pre-ordering the vinyl and accepting it as a gift from myself. You're welcome, future me.

I know July 15th seems like a lifetime away (in fact, ninety-nine days away as I write this) but if you pre-order it now you'll get 'Happiness' and 'Money & Fame' as instant downloads!

You can pre-order 'H A R D L O V E' here: 

iTunes (UK)
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Amazon (UK) 
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Where to find the band: 

Stream on Spotify


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